Monday, September 25, 2017

Upper Room Liturgy - Answering When the Holy One Calls

Lindy Sanford, ARCWP and Dennis McDonald, ARCWP led the Upper Room liturgy on Sunday, September 24, with the theme: Answering when the Holy One Calls. They chose a first reading from Joyce Rupp which is printed below Lindy's homily starter.

Lindy's homily starter: The Vineyard Parable 

Jesus broke the rules! Known as Rabbi and as teacher, he cherished the rules of Judaism in his day, and loved them. He also knew which rules needed breaking, and did so by sharing his friendship with those who needed it the most, regardless of those rules.

When people asked Jesus what the kin-dom of heaven was like he always told a story, a parable with many layers of meaning. This one startles people, even today.

The owner of the Vineyard asked for workers 3 times that day to be sure harvesting would get done. When the work was over, he paid them all the same amount. No wonder those who were asked to pick grapes first thought they should have been paid more than those who began mid day and especially than those who began late in the afternoon! Many think this parable is about coveting what others get or have.That those who started early in the morning should not covet how easy it was for those who were called last. 

But I doubt that the kingdom of the God is like being taught that we must not covet, even when it is understandable.

I think this story is about the Holy One calling each of us to be a priestly people.
About God loving us so much that She has chosen a special time and way to invite us to accept an incredible gift. Some of us hear this call when we are young. Some of us are not able to respond when we hear it until the world around us changes. Some of us hear the call when the world is ready. Some of us hear the call just now. Each of us are called to accept a love so deep that it spills out on everyone around us. Healing us and the world around us when we need it the most.

This call is given at a special time,... when we are ready...a special time when the world needs us in a way we might never know or understand.

God loves us so much that He breaks the rules. The kin-dom is like this vineyard. Everyone, no matter when we are called is given the same gift...abundant, unmeasurable, unending, unconditional love.

What will you gain by accepting this Love? What will it cost you?

Growing Closer to God in Every Situation
by Joyce Rupp

As we open ourselves to spiritual growth, there is simply no part of our life that can be left out. Nothing is too dirty or smudged. Nothing is too ecstatic or passionate. Nothing is too mundane or ordinary. All of life is the food of our spiritual growth. We can grow closer and deeper in our relationship with the Holy One through every situation, depending on our attitude, our openness, and our awareness. Be aware of God teaching you through your life today.” These are the inspired words of Joyce Rupp and the community affirms them by saying, Amen.

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Liturgy celebrating feasts of Saints Vincent de Paul & Louise de Marillac September 23, 2017 Imogene & Michael Rigdon Presiding Mindy Simmons, Music Minister

Imogene and Michael Rigdon co-presiders


Images of St Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac

Welcome! Moment of silence

Gathering Song: #628 We Are Called, verses 2& 3

All: In the name of God our creator, Jesus our Living Word, and 

the Spirit who calls us to share the Good News. Amen.

Opening Prayer. All: Let us pray. O God, protector of the poor, we give 

thanks for for your Holy Spirit who sent women and men to share the 
Good News, including Louise de Marillac & Vincent de Paul. 
We give thanks for this bold Wisdom-Spirit who impels us today 
to proclaim your Good News of love & peace in our homes, 
communities and world. We ask your blessings on our 
Eucharistic celebration today which honors our call to 
share the Gospel. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

All sing: Glory to God, glory. O praise God, alleluia. 

Glory to God, glory. O praise the name of our God. 

Liturgy of the Word (Response: Thanks be to God!)

All (sing): Celtic Alleluia #381 (v1)

1st reading from the Gospel of Luke.

All (sing): Celtic Alleluia (v2)

2nd reading from the Gospel of Luke

All: Celtic Alleluia

Shared Homily. After homily starter, #377 

Here I Am, God, verse 3.

Profession of Faith. ALL: We believe in God, the creator of the universe, 

the fountain of life, flowing through every being. 
We believe in Jesus the Christ who reflects the face of God 
and the fullness of humanity. 
We believe in the Holy Spirit, the breath of God in the cosmos, 
who calls us to loving service without counting the cost. 
We believe in our global communion with all in the circle of life. 
Amen to loving actions on behalf of justice, healing, compassion 
and equality for all in our world! Amen

Community Petitions. Presider: Mindful of God’s unconditional 

love for us, we bring the needs of the people to our merciful God.

Response: Compassionate God, hear our prayer. Presider:

 Healing God, you faithfully listen to our prayers. 
Strengthen us as we respond to the needs of your people and
 work for justice and positive change in our world. 
We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ. All: Amen

Collection and Offering of Gifts at the table.

All Sing: #361 Seed Scattered and Sown, vs 1 &;;3

Eucharistic Prayer. Please gather around the table for our 

community meal.

All Sing: Holy, Holy, Holy God, God of power, God of light. 

Heaven and earth are full of your glory. 
Hoisanna in the highest. Blessed are all who come in the
name of our

God. Hosanna in the highest.

All: As we do in this place what you did in an upstairs room, s

end down your Spirit Sophia on us and on these gifts of bread a
nd wine that they may become for us your body, healing, 
forgiving, and making us whole. And that we may become for 
you, your body, loving and caring in the world until your 
kindom comes. Amen.

We remember Jesus. All, with hand extended in blessing:

On the night before he died, Jesus sat at the Seder meal with his 

companions. Reminding them of what he taught, 
he bent down to wash their feet. Jesus returned to his place 
at table,
 lifted the Passover bread and spoke the blessing, then 
broke the bread saying: “Take and eat, this is my very self.” 
Jesus then raised the cup of blessing, spoke the 
grace, and offered them the wine saying:
 “Take and drink of the covenant made new 
again through my life for you and for everyone. 
Whenever you do this, you remember me.”

All: Remember, gracious God, your Church throughout the world.

 Make us open to receive all believers. In union with all people, 
may we strive to create a world where suffering is diminished, and 
where all people can live in health and wholeness.

Thru Christ, with Christ, in Christ, in union with the Holy Spirit, 

all glory is yours, gracious God. Amen (sing)

Prayer of Jesus (Sing “Our Father and Mother”)

Presider: Let us offer each other a sign of peace.

All: This is Jesus who liberates, heals and transforms us and our 

world. All are invited to partake of this banquet of love. We are the Body of Christ.

All Sing: Holy gifts for holy people; come, you hungry, and believe. 

Come and take Christ’s body offered, come and be what you receive. (Repeat x2)

Communion: Instrumental music (Mindy)

Prayer of Thanksgiving (Didache, Instruction, 100CE)

Men: For the thanksgiving, give thanks this way: First, for the cup: 

We thank you, Abba God, for the sacred vine of David your son,
 whose meaning you made clear to us through our brother Jesus, 
yours ever be the splendor.

Women: And for the bread fragment: We thank you, Abba God, f

or the life and wisdom whose meaning you made clear to us through 
Jesus, yours ever be the splendor.

All: As this fragment was scattered high on hills, but by 

gathering was united into one, so let your people from earth’s 
ends be united into your single reign, for yours are splendor and 
might through Jesus Christ down the ages.

Prayers of Thanksgiving. Introductions. Announcements.

All sing, hand extended in blessing: You are the face of God, I hold you in my heart, You are a part of me, You are the face of God. You are the face of God, I hold you in my heart, You are my family, You are the face of God.

Presider: Go in the peace of Christ, let us share the Good News with all! All: We will do so! Alleluia!

Closing Song: #373 Take the Word of God with You,

verses 1&2.

Female envoys to Vatican say it’s past time for Church to empower women Inés San Martín and Claire Giangravè/ I Agree, Women Priests' Movement Offers New Non-Clerical Approaches

My response: Until women are ordained, they will not be treated as equals in the church. Holy Orders  is required for  decision making roles in the church according to Canon Law.  Excellent insights about women's empowerment from female envoys at the Vatican. Our international women priests' movement offers a new paradigm of priestly ministry that does not reserve decision-making or liturgical roles to the ordained. Now that is a change that could revolutionize Catholicism!. Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

“Gender is one of the issues I am most concerned with, because I think that inequality in the church is absolutely not the right thing,” the ambassador from Georgia said, adding that this begs the question of the definition of equality.
“I will certainly not say that reform should lead to the ordination of women immediately, certainly not,” she said. “But to consider women as equal partners in decision-making is a must. In all churches,” Grdzelidze said.
“It’s problematic because of ordination, because Catholics and Orthodox give a very, very high respect for ordination […]. This should be debated. I am not saying that women should be ordained, but how can they be involved, without being ordained? This question I would pose to the pope.”
The Georgian representative said that while now may not be the right time, somewhere down the line this debate will become very important for the Vatican...."

Three female ambassadors from different parts of the world and of different religious beliefs all agree that the Vatican is a pretty cozy place for women diplomats, but they also concur that when it comes to the role of women in the decision making process inside the Church, there's still a long way to go

Three female ambassadors from different parts of the world and of different religious beliefs all agree that the Vatican is a pretty cozy place for women diplomats, but they also concur that when it comes to the role of women in the deciThree female ambassadors from different parts of the world and of different religious beliefs all agree that the Vatican is a pretty cozy place for women diplomats, but they also concur that when it comes to the role of women in the decision making process inside the Church, there's still a long way to go.sion making process inside the Church, there's still a long way to go.
Three female ambassadors from different parts of the world and of different religious beliefs all agree that the Vatican is a pretty cozy place for women diplomats, but they also concur that when it comes to the role of women in the decision making process inside the Church, there's still a long way to go.Three female ambassadors from different parts of the world and of different religious beliefs all agree that the Vatican is a pretty cozy place for women diplomats, but they also concur that when it comes to the role of women in the decision making process inside the Church, there's still a long way to go.

ARCWP IN CALI: September 22, 2017

Invited by the Cultural House Weaving Sororities in the El Jordán District of Cali-Valle, which I have accepted, to make known the figure of Mons. Gerardo Valencia Cano, as a committed prophet, visionary, apostle of non- active.
I made my presentation from the moment I met him. I met a Gerardo, post-conciliar. In the time that I related to him, I never saw him in medieval harness, that is without a miter, without a staff, without a ring, without a breastplate, or shirts or purple belts.
A man concerned to empower the lay person and the woman, especially in the Church. He was, is and will be a prophet who was ahead of the Council. He enjoyed with the Decree on the Apostolate of the laity and was thus expressed as follows:
"How I would like to become a song to celebrate this moment of humanity in which lay Christians begin to stop being a herd to become an army, or if the comparison scares: stop being a moon to be a star"  (Document Cepalc page 73 Gerardo Valencia Cano, Prophet of the Reclining Litoral)
It was a recess, talking, remembering and resurrecting Gerardo Valencia Cano, mainly in times when the Church lives, refreshed and refreshed by the presence of Francisco as a helmsman.
70 people responded to the call. We were accompanied by Carmiña Navia Velasco, a feminist thesis coordinator of the event, and Antonio J. Echeverry Pérez, Lecturer and Historian of the U. del Valle, who shared an interesting historical research on the semblance of Gerardo, which he summarized in his book, presented on this occasion: "An invisible prophet. Monsignor Gerardo Valencia Cano ".

The women as always, the majority, responded to the invitation. Between women and men 70 arrived and they were occupying the seats. The room beautifully arranged, warm and serorial.
Beautiful moments of greetings and welcome before the conversation.

Carmiña Navia, begins the conversation, introducing us to Antonio and myself.
We were accompanied by Pilar Mola, an old-time missionary and the designer of our stoles used in ARCWP
Carmiña (left) Olga Lucia (center) Antonio (right)
"The woman is the one who should be part of the claims of their rights. They will not be able to wait for the men, tired of throwing themselves against the walls like  cucarrones, to give them the defeated reins. "
+ Gerardo Valencia Cano. Bishop of Buenaventura.

Bible Passage Used to Stop Women's Ordination Was Added Later, No Surprise

key Biblical passage which has been used to prevent women from being ordained is not original and was added later, an academic has claimed. 
The section of Corinthians which says women must remain silent in church has been used to justify restricting the priesthood to men.
But recent research has suggested that the passage was not written by the Apostle Paul, as is widely believed, but was instead added later. 

Blessing of Bishop -Elect Jane Via RCWP by Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community in San Diego Today

I attended  the Liturgy at Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community (MMACC) in San Diego today.

It was a great joy to participate in a vibrant, inclusive Catholic Community liturgy.
From the moment I entered the lovely church grounds, I was warmly welcomed  not only by the greeters but, by members of this  welcoming community. 
After Communion,  the community blessed Jane in her new ministry as one of the bishops who will serve the western region of  RCWP-USA. The members of MMACC  community presented Jane with her episcopal ring.  She will be ordained bishop  along with Suzanne Thiel, on October 1st in Santa Cruz. I will be one of the ordaining bishops celebrating this Rite. 

Excerpt from blessing:
"May Jane be like Euodia, Lydia,, Dorcas, Phoebe, and Eunice-- women who recognized the Good News in Jesus Christ and joined Paul and Peter in spreading the Gospel across the world. "

Jane Via RCWP

Sunday, September 24, 2017

House Church Eucharistic Liturgy and Anointing of the Sick for Rita Campbell for upcoming Surgery in San Diego, California, Co-Presiders Betty Denny and Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

This Little Light of Mine
Presider:  In the name of God, our Creator and of Jesus our brother and of the Holy Spirit, our wisdom.  ALL:  Amen.
Presider:  We gather at the table to share the compassionate presence of God, aware that salvation is always and already happening, as we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and assist the dying.
ALL:  The love of God loves through us as we comfort the troubled and confront injustices in the most practical and immediate ways.

Presider:  O God, may we see your face in all who are demonized so that the bullying and hate will stop. ALL:  May we open our hearts, like Mary, to God’s mothering love, affirming fullness of life for all.  
Presider:  Jesus the Christ, may we see the divine reality in victims, especially in all who suffer violence, and discrimination..
ALL:  May we, like Mary, champion the oppressed and protect the abused.
Presider:  O Wisdom Sophia, may we see your face in people who are hungry and homeless, anxious and stressed.
ALL:  May we, like Jesus, care for those in need.

Presider: God of love we ask our sisters and brothers to forgive our failures to serve them in works of mercy. May we be your ongoing caring presence in the world.
ALL: Amen.

ALL:  Glory to God, glory, O praise God alleluia, glory to God, glory, O praise the name of our God, 3x (sung)

Presider:  Loving God, we give thanks for your infinite love and tender compassion always at work in our world.  We cry out today for justice for all who are impoverished and marginalized. May we work for their liberation and do all we can to advance their well-being.  ALL: Amen. 

First Reading:Isaiah: 55-6-9
Responsorial Psalm: The Healing Song (Karen Drucker
Second Reading:  Philipians 1:20-24,27 Acclamation:  ALLELUIA!    (sung)
Reader:  A reading from the Gospel according to Matthew 20:1-16
Glory to you, O God.
Reader:  The good news of Jesus, the Christ!
ALL:  Glory and praise to you, Jesus the Christ!

HOMILY Starter: Bridget Mary

Homily Starter:

“Thus, the last shall be first and the first shall be last.” This Gospel is about the extravagant love of the Holy One for all. No matter who we are, where we come from, or what special needs or gifts we bring to the table. God’s love embraces and loves each one of us tenderly and compassionately with the fullness of life and love. In this parable, Jesus turned everything upside down according to our human logic and standards. At the end of the day, each receives what they need.
So, do we!

 Theologian Francine Cardman in her reflection on this gospel writes:
“At the heart of the parable is the question:
What is God like? What happens when God reigns?”
The disciples can imagine a kingdom but along the lines of empire and exclusion, power and prestige. But, God’s hands are not tied to our narrow calculus of justice, God’s mercy is not bounded by the limitations of our compassion. In God’s reign everyone works as their circumstances allow, everyone receives what they need. All are welcome and cared for, all live equally from the generosity of God. And all deserve to share in God’s goodness now. In the world that is the work of human hands, in the community of life that encompasses and supports us all.”

So let us ponder the question, what would happen if we were to live the inclusive, welcoming love for everyone  in our church and world today?

Sharing of Community

Profession of Faith:   ALL:  We believe in God who is creator and nurturer of all. We believe in Jesus, the Christ, who is our love, our hope, and our light. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the breath of Wisdom Sophia, who energizes and guides us to build caring communities and to challenge exploitation and injustices.  We believe that God loves us passionately and forgives us everything.  We believe that God calls us to be the saving presence of the Holy One in the world . We believe that we are called to love those in need in the most practical ways. We believe that all are one in the Heart of God.  We believe in the communion of saints our heavenly friends, who support us on life’s journey. Here we dwell in loving relationships.  Here we live our prophetic call of Gospel compassion.

Presider:  Aware that God, like a fierce mother bear, who protects her young, is a defender of the oppressed and pursuer of justice, we now bring the needs of the suffering, in our church and world, before you. Response:  Loving God, you hear our prayer.
Presider:  For those who have been rejected and demonized, we pray for acceptance and fullness of life. R.   Presider:  For the hungry and homeless, we pray for food and shelter. R. Presider:  For those who experience loneliness, we pray for caring friends. Other intentions
R.   Presider O Holy One we walk  in faith that nothing is impossible and we can care for others in need through the power of your Spirit working in us.   ALL: Amen

Presider:  Blessed are you, O God, Creator of all.  Through your divine providence we have this bread to offer, it will become for us the Bread of Life.   ALL:  Blessed be God forever.  
Presider:  Blessed are you, O God, Creator of all.  Through your divine providence we have this wine to offer, it will become our spiritual drink. 
ALL:  Blessed be God forever.
Presider: Divine Presence, we are united in this sacrament by the love of Jesus Christ in communion with all who live as the saving presence of God in our world ALL:  Amen.

Presider:  God dwells in you.  ALL:  And also works through you.  Presider:  Lift up your hearts and love deeply    ALL:  We lift them up to God.   Presider: Let us give thanks to the Creator of all.   ALL: It is our joy to give God thanks and praise.

Voice:  Holy One, it is right that we give you thanks and praise at this table of boundless compassion. Your empowering presence is revealed in the friendship meals where Jesus dined with tax collectors, lepers, sinners, and women.  All are accepted, loved and forgiven. In joyful thanksgiving for your extravagant affection to all of us, we join with the angels and saints in an unending hymn of praise:

ALL: (sing) We are holy, holy, holy   (Music by Karen Drucker)

Voice:: Jesus taught his disciples how to love with a compassionate heart. Healing Spirit, we trust that your love flows through us as we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned, and assist the dying.

ALL:  As we come together in memory, Jesus we pray that Your Spirit will come upon these gifts of bread and wine and upon us, that we may become the body and blood of Christ blessed, broken and shared.  (pause as bread is lifted)

ALL:  We remember how, on the night before he died, Jesus was at table with those he loved.  He took bread and blessed you, God of all creation. He broke the bread shared it with his friends and said, “Take this, all of you and eat. This is my body. Do this in memory of
me. “(pause as wine is lifted)

Presider:  Then Jesus took the cup of blessing, spoke the grace, and offered them the wine: 

ALL:  “Take this all of you and drink. Do this in memory of me.”

ALL:  The Body of Christ is blessed, broken and shared every time we comfort the troubled.
The Body of Christ is blessed, broken and shared every time we counsel the confused.
The Body of Christ is blessed, broken and shared every time we advocate for justice.

Voice:  Heart of Love, we celebrate this feast in memory of Jesus, our brother, who reminds us that we are the face of God, through whom the Spirit redeems injustice by caring for our sisters and brothers in our world today.

 Voice: Creator of the Universe, your love flows through all beings to heal our earth.  As we work for environmental  healing, your sacred energy transforms the cosmic Body of Christ.  

Voice:  Energizing Spirit, we are one with the cloud of witnesses who have lived your works of mercy during their lives.  As we serve human needs with generous hearts, we are channels of your tender compassion.

ALL:  Through Christ, with Christ and in Christ,  All glory and honor is yours, loving God forever and ever.

Great Amen.

We pray with Jesus:   Our Father and Mother….
Sign of Peace
Let us offer one another a sign of peace
Salaam Aleikum/ Peace Be With You

Presider:  Loving God, we will serve the least and the last in our world,     ALL:  Namaste
Presider: Loving God, we will care for our sisters and brothers who need our help. ALL:  Namaste
Presider: Loving God, we will
advocate for non-violence and a more just world.
All: Namaste

Presider: There is room at the table for everyone.  Let us share the Body of Christ with the Body of Christ.

Communion Song
Peace is flowing like a river by Carey Laundry
Presider:  Nourished at this open table where all are welcome, may we live the saving presence of God by doing works of mercy. Go, now and live the Gospel of Jesus!!

 Anointing of the Sick

Blessed are you, Loving God,
The boundless love of your presence blesses us
at every moment of our lives.
May your compassion radiate from each of us
and bring the blessing of your tender touch to Rita.

Rita,, the same Spirit that moved in Jesus,
dwells in you and fills you with love and peace beyond
all imagination. All of your loved ones in this community and
in the Communion of the  Saints join us in prayer.
In their name and in the name of God I/we now anoint you
for your journey. (anoint forehead and hands)

Rita, you are embraced by the Holy One
and by all who are praying for you.
May you feel the power of divine love
healing, comforting and strengthening you.
In the name of God, our Creator, Jesus our brother and the
Holy Spirit, our Wisdom. Amen
(This Rite was updated fby Bridget Mary Meehan)

We love, bless and serve one another in the name of God, our Creator, Jesus our brother, and the Holy Spirit, our Wisdom.

Closing Song: River of Jordan

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